Compressor Para Maquiagem Airbrush

R$2089.00 R$1462.00

    Compressor Para Maquiagem Airbrush

    A professional, affordable, powerful and quiet air compressor for airbrush application.

    R$2089.00 R$1462.00
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    Backed by the most trusted and professional name in airbrushes, Iwata Studio Series air compressor is user-friendly, powerful and affordable. Features "Sprint Power," a mightily powerful and reliable oil-less piston compressor that is remarkably quiet! The Smart Jet model features "SMART" technology and is a great compressor for doing general airbrush applications. SMART Technology: automatic shut-off, less heat-related moisture build-up, produces full capacity air on demand and reduces running time.

    • Size: 10 x 7 x 6 in
    • Weight: eight pounds
    • Horse Power: 1/8 hp
    • Features automatic shut-off when not in use
    • Produces full-capacity air on demand
    • Offers less heat-related moisture build-up
    • Includes built-in airbrush holder
    • Features mounted air pressure gauge
    • Professional and powerful, use to easily cover small or large areas of skin with airbrush makeup.
    • See manufacturer's website for full usage instructions.

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